Elephant Grass Shoulder Bag


This beautiful shoulder bag has been handwoven by artisans in West Africa from Kinkanhe straw and features leather handles, top closure and tassel. Small enough to use as an everyday handbag and large enough to take to the market or the beach.

Bolga basket weaving is a Ghanaian craft from the Bolgatanga region. Kinkanhe or elephant grass surrounds waterholes and once harvested is soaked in water and then twisted together in small bunches to increase durability. 

SizeApproximately 37cm long x 25cm wide x 25cm high. Leather straps roughly 40cm long.

Material: Hand-woven Kinkanhe grass with leather detailing.

Care: To reshape, simply wet and shape, then dry in the sun. Shake outside to remove dust or dirt.

Origin: Bolgatanga, Ghana.

Note: As this is a handmade product, there will be variations in size and colour and subtle imperfections that only add to its character and unique appeal.