Easy Chair 01 | FRAMA



Easy Chair 01 results from the continuous exploration of utilitarian living and the deep admiration from FRAMA's classic, adaptable and versatile 01 Series.  A lounge chair - instantly recognisable and enduringly fresh.

Conceived to provide welcoming comfort to the body, the Easy Chair 01 is a warm, inviting item with a receptive look.  It provides a subtle backdrop for a moment of calm and reflection and offers a distinctive refuge from the strains of modern living. The serene-looking item is a minimal and humble alternative to an upholstered lounge chair accentuating its neutral yet characterful presence, something straightforward as well as complex, something linear as well as curved.

Frama is a multi-disciplinary design brand that creates lifestyle objects that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living. With an emphasis on natural materials, simple geometries, and uncompromising quality, Frama’s work connects the imaginative with the practical, resulting in a uniquely warm and honest aesthetic.

Since the launch of our first collection in 2011, Frama has embraced an organic and collaborative approach to design; an approach that is equally inspired by the old and the new, by digital technologies and analogue traditions. Frama’s naturalistic, hands-on approach to design and production has allowed the brand to create a unified aesthetic.


- Will develop a unique wood patina as it ages
- Variations in the oil and wood grain are natural

Dimensions:  H 72.0 / W 60.0 / L 60.5 - Seat height 35.0

Materials: Oiled birch seat and frame


- Available in Natural Oak for orders of 10+
- Will develop a unique wood patina as it ages
- Variations in the oil and wood grain are natural

Lead time: 8-10 weeks

Shipping: This item does not qualify for free delivery.  Please contact us for a quote.