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A homewares collection designed to celebrate a slower way of life. In the Oski and Lottie collection you will find beautiful, well made wares that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Oski and Lottie is created for those that thoughtfully consider every addition to their home, and are mindful of creating a warm, calming environment with treasured pieces. We focus on creating simple designs that are made locally, using natural non-toxic materials that leave a smaller footprint on our environment. 
Our founder Caroline, has always believed that her home should reflect her values. The idea for Oski and Lottie was born when she found herself struggling to find beautiful and locally made soft furnishings for her family home; items that would not date and children's decor that they would not outgrow. Seeking to create an alternative to the trend focused and mass produced wares she saw in the market, her vision was to create attainable pieces made from the most luxurious materials, in subtle hues, accented by timeless prints.
Proudly made and designed in Melbourne, Oski and Lottie partners with skilled local makers so that we can stay connected to our processes and support organisations that foster the incredible creative talent in our community.
With everything we create we always come back to our vision of producing positive products that benefit our society and preserve our environment for future generations.

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We have thoughtfully selected our textile collection with an emphasis on sourcing natural materials from certified suppliers. Linen features prominently throughout the collection, as it is luxurious, sustainable and durable, with naturally occurring antibacterial properties. Our printed Belgian linens are created here in Melbourne using non toxic, solvent free, water based pigment inks.  All block linen colours have been woven from premium grade flax, sourced from Belgium and France.  

Our fabrics are carefully considered with longevity in mind. We like to consider that ‘they’re all friends’ meaning that you can mix and match our prints and colours very easily. We feel that this way of adding to your home - layering fewer, better pieces not only creates a cohesive, thoughtful and stylish home but also a peaceful environment for you to enjoy.



From the very beginning we have been passionate about making the Oski and Lottie collection locally - in Melbourne, Australia. We are proud to say that we personally know the faces and hands that create our pieces, everyone from our makers, cutters and printers, and remain close to our processes to ensure the highest quality. Not only do we appreciate their contribution to Oski and Lottie but we love to see the positive impacts that our partnership has had on these people in our community. It means a lot to us that we can see skilled makers grow with us, and refine their craft.



We elevate our own home and add interest with handmade and artisanal treasures that are synonymous with slow living.  At Oski + Lottie, we also source beautiful, functional and essential wares for your home from around the globe.  These ethical products have been carefully selected for their quality, timeless aesthetic and natural materials.



We believe in having a positive impact, and minimising our footprint on the earth. Our less is more approach means that we only make what we can sell, focusing on preventing over production. We also ensure that any fabric wastage is minimised and wherever possible ensure it is repurposed or recycled.

All of our packaging is sustainable. Our tissue paper and stickers are completely acid free, printed with soy-based inks and FSC Certified. Your products will arrive in a 100% compostable mailer, which can be composted both commercially and at home.


Oski + Lottie is the business name for Caroline Rose Pty Ltd