About Us


A soulful homewares store that celebrates a slower way of life.  

Oski and Lottie is designed for those who thoughtfully consider every addition to their home, and are mindful of creating a luxurious and restorative environment filled with stories and purpose. We believe in the importance of doing things with care and intention and savouring the little moments that give our daily lives meaning and value. Our homes are unique, sacred spaces that reflect our values; they have the ability to positively affect every aspect of our lives.  

Founded by Caroline Rose, Oski + Lottie was born out of a passion for simplicity, design, aesthetics and storytelling. In 2018 we created our first textile range; crafted in Melbourne with Belgian linen. Today, Oski + Lottie offers a collection of consciously curated interior and lifestyle products. Sourcing thoughtful design and craftsmanship, we understand our clients are looking for timeless pieces, created from natural materials. 

  Oski + Lottie specialise in personal and ongoing partnerships, catering to every type of client including architects, designers and considered homemakers.  In addition to providing environmentally and socially conscious products, we love creating beautiful visual content and working on interior design projects. If you like our style and are interested in becoming a trade friend, please get in touch. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Oski + Lottie is the business name for Caroline Rose Pty Ltd