Handmade Linen Tablecloth | Once Milano


These beautiful linen tablecloths are an effortlessly elegant addition to any home.  They are 100% handcrafted, in the gorgeous Veneto region of Italy, from a beautifully soft fabric and finished with a wide boarder, creating a V shape at each of the four corners.

At the core of Once Milano are products which celebrate the timeless elegance of artisanal craftmanship.  The Veneto region is full of artisans.  This corner of Italy has the highest number of companies registered in the whole of Italy; every little house has its own company in the backyard.

These timeless tablecloths are entirely created in Italy.  They are hand-cut, sewn and finally dyed by skilled Venetian craftsmen.  The finish achieved through their traditional and unique methods is impossible to achieve with the use of machines and mass production.
Material: 100% linen 

Size: 175cm x 260cm
Origin: Handmade in Veneto, Italy 
Care: For best results, wash at 30°, using gentle detergents, containing no bleach. Please wash matching colours together to maintain uniform appearance. Our beautiful linen does not need ironing; however if you wish to iron, the linen should be slightly damp for best results.