Pallarès Plant Tools, Set of 3 | Audo CPH


Made exclusively for Audo CPH by Spanish toolmakers Pallarés, a century-old manufacturer of knives and tools of the highest quality.  The elegant 3-piece set includes a trowel, garden fork and hoe —for digging, weeding and preparing soil for planting. Made by hand from carbon steel, each piece bears the hallmarks of fine metal craft. Designed with ergonomics in mind, they are fitted with solid oak handles for a comfortable grip.

Carbon steel is incredibly strong and long-lasting and requires minimal care to maximise its lifespan. Clean and hand dry after use. To prevent corrosion, always keep tools dry when not in use. Do not leave outside overnight or out in the rain. Rust deposits can be removed with oil. 

Audo CPH connects people, design and spaces. Fascinated by the way in which individuals and spaces can be united through great design, their pursuit is to craft furniture, lighting and interior accessories shaped by purposeful details, high quality materials and human needs.  Audo CPH believes, for our experiences of spaces to be fulfilling and memorable, every touch point needs to engage the senses thoughtfully. 

Designer: Pallarès × Audo CPH

Material: Carbon steel, wood


L: 35 cm
W: 6 cm
D: 11 cm

Hand rake
L: 35 cm
W: 8.5 cm
D: 3.5 cm

L: 31.5 cm
W: 8.5 cm
D: 35 cm

Origin: Spain