Plantas Planta | Audo CPH


Characterised by their curves and irregular, furrowed surface, the Plantas Planters are made from matte ivory stoneware with a textured, natural appearance. Each piece is finished by hand and therefore entirely unique. Made for indoor use, the Plantas Planters can also be used outside when the guidelines included with purchase are followed. Available in four sizes.

Audo's aesthetic philosophy has been coined soft minimalism, characterised by clean lines, calm, subtle strength, earth tones and nature’s materials crafted with utmost respect. Soft minimalism promotes creative contemplation and harmony. It adapts to diverse architectural styles and is appropriate for both residential and commercial use, and it’s timeless meaning Audo pieces can be used for decades to come and move to new homes and into new, creative chapters of life.

Designer: Audo CPH

Material: Un-glazed stoneware


H: 17 cm
W: 25 cm
Ø: 20 cm

H: 24 cm
W: 24 cm
Ø: 20 cm

H: 26 cm
W: 32 cm
Ø: 26 cm

H: 32 cm
W: 40 cm
Ø: 28 cm